If you want to be observant, there are actually many things we can do with smartphones. One of them produces money purses easily and quickly. All you need is a quota and a smartphone with a fairly large memory.

Even the hobby of playing games via cell phone can be a money field. How to install 7 applications below:

1. Cash Gift

Cash Gift claims to have disbursed more than Rp. 13 billion to millions of users. There are many advantages that this one application has. Among them is a small payout amount of 3 dollars.

In addition, the reedem time is relatively fast, because it can enter the PayPal account in just minutes! This application uses a point system, where 1,000 points are equivalent to 1 dollar. Points can be obtained by watching ads, installing applications, and working on tasks provided by the application.

2. Grab Points

For those of you who can't download or install applications because of memory limitations, you can choose Grab Points as an alternative. This application keeps you able to get points just by watching videos and filling out surveys.

Another way you can use to get rewards is to invite friends or share application references to friends, register and try certain site services. Not only that, you can also watch GrabPoints TV (you can get 20 points for watching 10 minutes), and try to pay for a product.

Amazon Gift Card, minimum payout: 3 dollars
Paypal Cash, minimum payout: 5 dollars
Google Play Store, minimum payout: 10 dollars
BestBuy Gift Card, minimum payout: 10 dollars
Target Gift Card, minimum payout: 10 dollars
Starbucks Gift Card, minimum payout: 10 dollars
GAP Gift Card, minimum payout: 10 dollars
Facebook Gift Card, minimum payout: 15 dollars
XBOX Live Gift Card (3 months), and many more.

3. Cash for Apps

Its use is quite simple. To get points, you can download, install, and play certain features in the Cash for Apps application. Every 300 points, can be exchanged for one dollar.

Later this point can be cashed through Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, GameStop, Starbucks, Best Buy, and many others. Unfortunately, payment cannot be made via Paypal.

The average point that you can install each application is 50-400 points, depending on the offer. With this amount, you can get a lot of points in a short time.

4. App Karma Reward & Gift Card

The appKarma Reward & Gift Card application is also one that is quite popular in Indonesia. After installing the application, you just choose the available offer to get points, including:

Install and play applications.
Routinely open the application that has been downloaded.
Following Karma Quizzez, namely answering several questions correctly to get money.
Achieve "Achievement Badges", namely the rewards obtained when achieving certain targets. For example the target of installing 20 applications, promoting the application to a number of friends, and others.
Invite friends via referral code.
Unfortunately, this application has a fairly weak weakness, namely the payment method. In Indonesia, you can only withdraw money from the Reward & Gift Card app via payPal only.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

If you don't like to have to install and use the application, you can try "Google Opinion Rewards". As the name implies, you only need to write opinions in the survey column that Google has provided.

You must fill out the survey correctly and validly if you want to get points. But calm down, the question asked is not difficult. Examples are, "When do you plan to travel or travel?" or "Which logo do you think is the best?" It's easy, right?

Even though the task is relatively easy, but not every day there is an incoming survey. In fact, the survey could only appear once a week or two weeks.

Another disadvantage is that you have to install an IP modifier service like VPN to change your location when using this application. Because Google Opinion Rewards is not yet available in Indonesia.

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